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Success Stories

Sha'aban Shaheen

Sha'aban Shahin, 32 year. He lives with his family of four persons. After completing his university studies in agriculture field, Sha'aban started looking for a job in the same field then already started his work in one of the specialized companies in agriculture, but this did not prevent him from persevering to achieve his dream of establishing his own project because he interest with organic agriculture especially without of any chemicals. Sha'aban's family has agricultural land in KARAMA. In 2013, Sha'aban took a piece of the land owned by his family there and then he applied his idea on the reality ground.

Latest Stories

Issa Al-Yazjeen

Issa Al-Yazjeen is 42 years old, married and he is a father for three children. He lives in one of the most beautiful areas at Jordan “AL Salt. Issa was a government employee and then retired from his job, he decided not to depend only on his the retirement salary because it is not enough to cover all needs of family. Issa decided to open a special business in the field of tourism through investing in the area where he lives, which characterized by its picturesque nature.

Najla Abu Oweida

Najla is a mother of three children. She studied until the high school grade only; she could not complete her study, so she joined an educational center for special programs.She was diligent and well-known in many kindergartens and schools have heard about her and gave her offers to work with them.

Ruqaya Ibrahim

Ruqaya is a beekeeper and she sells the natural honey product in the local markets in Madaba where she owns a set of beehives in her house garden with assist of her neighbor and partner “Iman”.

Nisreen Ka'abneh

Nisreen did not give up to the bad conditions witnessed by the family. And by her own effort, she founded a small shop which becomes a source of livelihood for her and her family.

Aziz Shahadat

Aziz is a 62-year-old, married man from Deir Alla; he is living with his family in a small old house and he is a father of three kids. Aziz decided to open a stall for selling fruits and vegetables in Deir Alla to provide him with a good income since the economic situation in the area is bad .

Maram Al-Saqer

Maram is a single girl in her twenties, to a certain circumstances; she has been unable to complete her studies, but that it wasn’t an obstacle to her ambition and her love to achieve what you wish. Since she was a student at the high school, she has a hobby of decoration and design dresses. She then, developed herself by learning from websites and fashion design magazines.

Suha Al-Zyoud

Suha is 42 years old, married and has two children. Each of us face moments of difficult conditions, but the most difficult is how to overcome these difficulties and faced them with a challenge and insistence, after a life requirement increasing,

Suzan Omari

FINCA is the source of my strength and success

After her husband became unemployed, Suzan wanted to help her family live in dignity and secure them life’s necessities. That’s when she thought about getting a loan from FINCA Jordan to secure capital for establishing a business. Surely she was able to open up a pastry shop for herself and immediately began working in the shop. The business was a huge success bringing in high profits. After a while however, the business starting regressing which eventually caused it to close down

Ahmad Khreesat

FINCA Jordan was Ahmad's choice for support and help

Thoughts of establishing a successful business in the area of livestock was always on Ahmad's mind, until he decided on raising local poultry. This was, according to Ahmad, a humble start consisting of a small group of poultry that he owned and raised inside his farm in the area where he lived, an area considered ideal for farming in the countryside. Ahmad shared his ideas of such a business with his friends and close family members who supported and encouraged him back in 1985.

Mohammad Mustafa

Sometime everyone feel the deep disappointed, pitiful himself, and imagine his mind there is no way to stand up again after this stumbling block. Is it true? Does Mohammad agree with that?

Samar Edris

Samar expressed in these words to support a woman. It is a key reason for any success; she has dedicated her life, to help housewives who own their projects home do not have the ability to present their products, Where participation in the bazaars needs to pay, they not capable paying those fees.

Raeda Abu Zaid

Raeda did not expect that a small loan from FINCA Jordan would change her life for the better.

Raeda is working on the re-use of all things is destructive in creative ways and useful, she collects all the newspapers and magazines, which ended read, as well as school papers, newsletters (which are thrown in front of the houses) and everything does not need it in the house and turn them into accessories, Carvings pretty impressive manner without cost

Ahlam Al-Khalil

“No matter what age you start, you need to be tough to succeed as an entrepreneur”.

Mustafa Al-Feshawy

Mustafa is a fisherman from the Jordan River .He benefited from tthe individual loan amount to buy his restaurant needs, which was lacking and advises FINCA as his friend not just a financial institution

Basma al-Qais

I will always be proud to be your 52 years old client

Wael Gdissat

Blindness took away my sight but gave me clarity of vision

Suha Abu Jbara

FINCA Jordan supported me with good financial banking solutions to increase the creativity of the embodiment of the educational status to become larger and to expand the community service.

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