July 2020

FINCA Microfinance launches its new business model during a press conference held at Marriott Amman

2020-07-08T15:11:45+03:00July 8th, 2020||

FINCA Microfinance has launched its new business based on three main pillars: centralized operations, the digitization of key operations, customer communication channels and branch restructuring.  By making these changes, FINCA Microfinance aims to become the leading organization in the transition from a traditional business model  to an organization that operates in a dynamic, innovative and digital manner, increasing the speed of operations especially in disbursing loans.   

March 2020

FINCA Jordan Receives Smart Certification for Strong Client Protection Practices

2020-06-03T12:38:38+03:00March 10th, 2020||

FINCA Microfinance Company PLC in Jordan (FINCA Jordan), FINCA Impact Finance’s subsidiary in Jordan, announced it received Smart Certification in recognition of its long-standing commitment to client protection. This designation came after a rigorous independent review process found it has continued to uphold industry-leading client protection standards in providing responsible finance.

December 2019

FINCA Jordan Staff Annual Meeting 2019

2019-12-31T13:48:28+02:00December 31st, 2019||

FINCA Jordan held its Staff Annual Meeting at Ayass Hotel - Amman, in the presence of Management Board and company employees from Head Office and all branches to recognize employees and celebrate year’s achievements. The meeting included a welcoming message presented by Human Resources Manager Mrs. Rula Shumali expressing her thanks and gratitude for the performance of staff during the year.

September 2018

FINCA microfinance opens a new office in Al-Salt city

2018-09-30T11:25:53+03:00September 30th, 2018||

Under the Patronage of Al-Salt city His Excellency Mr. Khaled Al-Khashman and in the presence of Official institutions, civil society institutions, Banks, Women CBO’s representatives and Clients, FINCA microfinance opened it’s a new office in Al-Salt city which is followed to Deir Alla branch.

August 2018

October 2017

FINCA Jordan celebrates its 10th anniversary

2017-10-19T17:50:59+03:00October 19th, 2017||

On the 12th of October 2017, FINCA Jordan Celebrated its 10th Anniversary at the InterContinental Amman Hotel in the presence of the FINCA Board of Directors, represented by FINCA Impact Finance CEO, Ms. Andree Simon, and Executive Director of the Middle East and South Asia Region Ms. Zare Wardak , and number of FINCA staff and FINCA Jordan employees.

September 2017

FINCA Jordan for microfinance conducts social initiative in the area of North-Shouna

2017-09-18T17:51:09+03:00September 18th, 2017||

As a part of corporate social responsibility and in conjunction with the start of the new academic year FINCA Jordan for microfinance organized a voluntary initiative in one of the schools in the area North-Shouna, where FINCA Jordan conducted the full maintenance in Shouna school for boys through installation new fans for all classes room...

May 2017

FINCA Jordan for Microfinance expands its operations in North Shounah

2017-05-16T17:51:23+03:00May 16th, 2017||

Under the Patronage of North Shounah district His Excellency Mr. Muaweya Al-Qudah and in the presence of Official institutions, civil society institutions, Banks, Women CBO’s representatives and Clients, FINCA Jordan organized a special event celebrating the opening North Shounah branch after expansion aiming to serve the largest possible number of entrepreneurs and small business owners in Jordan and to provide the best financial services for them.

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